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The difference between a life lived actively, and a life of passive drifting and dispersal of energies, is an immense difference. Once we begin to feel committed to our lives, responsible to ourselves, we can never again be satisfied with the old, passive way.

– Adrienne Rich, “Claiming an Education”

Welcome to the Women’s Studies Program, where students are encouraged to claim their education in an active pursuit of knowledge, empathy, and social justice.  As the academic arm of the feminist movement, women’s studies has been a recognized discipline for nearly fifty years, exploring the experiences and representations of women in cultures around the world. Students taking courses in CSUDH’s Women’s Studies Program acquire the knowledge and skills to understand the history, structures, and expressions of gender inequality and how to advocate for women’s rights and freedoms.

Currently Women’s Studies offers a 15-credit minor, and will begin offering a BA in the next year. Courses in the Women’s Studies Program use feminist theories and interdisciplinary methods to teach, conduct research, and expand existing bodies of knowledge, preparing students to pursue careers and advanced degrees in multiple fields, sectors, and industries. As a richly diverse urban campus with a strong history of activism and commitment to social justice, CSUDH lends itself to women’s studies and its focus on examining how gender relates to and intersects with ethnicity, race, social class, religion, sexuality, nationality, globalization and other factors that shape women’s and men’s lives. It also aligns with the university vision for a campus where “diversity in all its forms is explored, understood, and transformed into knowledge and practice.”

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CSUDH Women's Studies faculty awarded prize by the Popular Culture Association Jenn Brandt


Gloria Anzaldua International Conference Dr. Smith WMS CSUDH

Dr. Cristina Smith will present at Semillas de las Abuelas: Teaching to Reclaim in the B/borderland Family at The Gloria Anzaldua International Conference: Translating B/borders on May 16-17, 2019 University of Paris VIII, Paris, France.

Summary: “I’m sorry, mijita, I’m sorry, my child, but I’ve used up all the ruda I had and none of the neighbors grow it.”

- Prietita and the Ghost Woman / Prietita y la llorona by Gloria E. Anzaldua and Maya Christina Gonzalez  

Our writing speaks to how we are growing ruda in our family and community gardens. As professors and mothers, we situate our work in a critique of this country’s borders and its history of colonization that perpetuated violence, slavery, and genocide on our ancestors. We also engage in the reclamation of the Borders our families occupy in spiritual and energetic divided spatialities, particularly in a pedagogical framework entrenched in systems of power meant to sustain a patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist ideology in our children. We trust we can offer our children the space for true liberation and the tools to grow their own ruda for generations. It is in that spirit that we create this paper as an introduction to a book which will be a collection of tools both practical and theoretical to resist and liberate us and our children from oppressive forces while we celebrate our ancestral cultures and histories.