Returning Student Information

Welcome Back to CSUDH!

Once a Toro, Always a Toro!

Recognizing that students must step out sometimes, CSUDH welcomes its returning students back to campus, where our advising staff will support you from the time you reapply until you finish your bachelor’s degree and graduate.

If you are a returning CSUDH student who wants to finish your bachelor’s degree, you may register for one of our upcoming Returning Toros Workshop, which are typically held afternoons from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the University Advisement Center in Welch Hall (WH A220). Exact dates for upcoming workshops are found on the Returning Toro Workshop registration page below.    

At the Returning Toros Workshops, returning students will get valuable and timely information, including:

  • Updates on the readmissions process and current deadlines for the application filing period 
  • Assistance in building an action plan to return to CSUDH
  • Definitions of Good Academic Standing and Probation/Academic Disqualification
  • Information on the Graduation Reactivation process for students who already filed for graduation
  • A Welcome Back folder with: 
    • CSUDH unofficial transcripts
    • Baccalaureate Requirements Checklist
    • General Education Worksheet 

To best support students, bring the following information to the workshop:

  • CSUDH Student ID number
  • Photo identification
  • Unofficial transcripts of all colleges/universities attended after leaving CSUDH (if applicable)
    • A copy of students’ unofficial CSUDH transcripts are provided at workshop

Register now for the next Returning Toros Workshop:

Returning Toro Workshop Registration Form

**The following information outlined is intended to give students a general understanding of the readmissions process and should not be used as a substitute for academic advisement. There are multiple factors considered in the readmissions process, as each student case varies.** 

Returning students

Undergraduate students who wish to return to CSUDH to complete degree requirements after being absent for two semesters or more, unless participating in an approved Planned Educational Leave

Academic Standing

Students should be aware of their academic standing for the last semester attended as a CSUDH student.

Returning students usually fall under one of the following four categories:

  • Good Academic Standing: CSUDH and Overall GPA are at 2.0 or above
  • Academic Probation: CSUDH or Overall GPA is below 2.0
  • Remediation Disqualification: Required remediation courses were not completed by the end of spring semester of the first full academic year at CSUDH 
  • Academic Disqualification: CSUDH and/or overall GPA(s) fell below the applicable class-level minimum GPA:

Class Level

Minimum GPA

Freshman (0 - 29 units completed)


Sophomore (30 - 59 units completed)


Junior (60 - 89 units completed)


Senior (90+ units completed)


If you are not sure if a Returning Toro Workshop is the right place for you, please contact the University Advisement Center (UAC) at (310) 243-3538 for more information.  

Students who are unable to attend a scheduled workshop may email us at for alternative options.

Follow the UAC: