Meet the Staff

Stephanie G 2018

Stephanie Flores Gonsalves, Academic Advisor

Stephanie earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Human Development from Long Beach State University, and her Master of Science in Higher Education from California State University, Fullerton. Her background includes orientation, advising, mentoring incoming college freshmen, and outreach. She is passionate about working with a diverse population of college students and strives to help students reach their maximum potential. She feels fortunate to dedicate her time to empowering students, giving back to her community, and assisting students in their progress toward graduation. Stephanie is enthusiastic about joining the CSUDH community and looks forward to making a positive impact on campus.

Alma Melena, Graduation Specialist

Alma earned her Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration and her Master’s Degree in Education and Sociology from CSUDH. Growing up in the South Bay, she loves giving back to the community that she was raised in. CSUDH has been a home for her and three of her siblings, two of whom have obtained Master’s Degrees. The third one will be graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree and has been admitted to a graduate degree program. Having been a first generation Latina student, she understands the challenges and struggles associated with belonging to an underserved population. It is her goal to provide all students with the resources needed to be successful. Her philosophy about advising is rooted on strengths-based advising which focuses on students’ possibilities, rather than their challenges.
Tanja Sadowski

Tanja Sadowski, Academic Advisor, Program Coordinator of Thru In Two

Tanja grew up on an American Army base in Germany, where she developed an interest in different cultures and the experiences of those around her -- not to mention a deep passion for soccer. After high school, she went on to earn her B.A. in Public Relations from Purdue University, then returned to Europe for a few years before moving to Los Angeles. Working in Public Relations and Marketing, she soon realized corporate America was not for her, so she went back to school and earned her Master of Arts in School Counseling from the Phillips Graduate Institute. She accepted a job at Village Glen High School as the College & Career Counselor, where she was tasked with developing and implementing the College & Career Counseling Department. She then moved on to Notre Dame Academy as an Academic Advisor, where she worked primarily with freshman and sophomore students, but also oversaw a number of programs, including services for students with disabilities, online learning, international students, and a freshman academic support program. Tanja is passionate about supporting all students, not only in their academic goals, but in becoming integral members of their community and the world at large. She is very excited about joining CSUDH – Go Toros!

Albert Carpenter, Retention Specialist

Albert Carpenter joined the University Advisement Center as a Retention Specialist in November 2017, after working in various other positions on campus. Albert's interest in working with students began with his student employment in the Office of Admissions and Records where he, after one year, advanced to full-time positions with the office, including Coordinator of the Application Processing Unit and Coordinator of the Graduation Unit. In 2001, Albert worked as Coordinator of the Business Administration and Public Policy Advisement Center. In addition to his work as an Academic Advisor, Albert also advises two campus organizations, the Latino Student Business Association and ALPFA. Albert is a proud alumnus of CSUDH and is committed to providing students with a high level of support and assistance.

Anete 2018

Anete Klintsone, Academic Advisor

Anete serves as the Academic Advisor within the University Advisement Center, where her extensive educational background in various areas has provided the opportunity for her to hold multiple positions, including College Specialist for Kinesiology, Sociology, and Psychology, International Student Academic Advisor, and Program Coordinator for Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience. As an Academic Advisor, she serves to educate and empower students to develop educational plans that are consistent with their academic, professional, and personal goals. She is committed to student success and to ensuring the development of expertise, accountability, critical thinking, and life-long learning skills, all while embracing CSUDH’s unique campus diversity. As an International Student who was educated within the UC and CSU system herself, she is passionate about supporting all students and believes in the evolution of the education system.

Stephanie Chito

Stephanie Chito, Academic Advisor

Stephanie Chito is an East Coast native who calls Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home. Stephanie attended The Pennsylvania State University for her undergraduate studies, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies. After college, she relocated to Chicago, where she started her professional career as a leasing manager. Stephanie quickly realized she had little interest in climbing the corporate ladder and changed career paths. She began working for the non-protfit Chicago Cares Inc., as the Children’s Education program coordinator. Stephanie relocated to Washington D.C. and served as a House Life Coordinator for The George Washington University, while pursuing her Master’s in Higher Education Administration, Student Affairs and International Education.

She’s worked for the Institute of International Education’s Department of Fulbright Exchange Scholar and Professional programs. She was the Assistant Director for the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, prior to working at CSUDH, where she now serves as an academic advisor for the University Advisement Center, and program manager for its First-Year Experience program for transfer students, the Dominguez Hills Transfer Learning Community (#DHTLC). As an academic advisor, it is her primary mission is to help students navigate successfully through their academic careers while exploring their educational and career options. It is her belief that this is best accomplished by working in partnership with students through a collaborative process that identifies the most comprehensive path towards academic success. Additionally, she is student-centered and believes in utilizing and integrating best practices found throughout higher education and student development fields. Her advising philosophy leans heavily on taking a holistic approach to the overall development of students so that they are achieving their full potential, not just in their academics, but as individuals in society.

Elsa Sanchez

Elsa Sanchez, Academic Advisor

Elsa earned her BA in History and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. She is currently working on her Master of Science in Counseling, Student Development in Higher Education from California State University, Long Beach. Her background includes working with at-risk youth, programming for non-traditional students, and study abroad advising. She previously worked at CCEO YouthBuild in Lennox, California and the CSU Office of the Chancellor. Elsa specializes in GE advising and is the College Specialist for the College of Arts & Humanities and the College of Education. She aims to support students in harnessing the strengths, skills, and values that they bring to CSUDH in order to reach their personal and educational goals and receive their diploma.
Janelle Viray

Janelle Viray, Retention Specialist

Janelle has been working in the field of higher education for six years. She graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and minor in Education. Janelle spent three years as a Peer Advisor for prospective transfer students at El Camino College. Born and raised in Carson, California, it has been an incredible opportunity for her to be able to support students from her community. As the Retention Specialist for the College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing at CSUDH, she is grateful for the opportunity to continue supporting students from Carson and the surrounding area. It is her dream that one day, all students will have equal opportunity to pursue a higher education and meaningful personal and professional careers. Her advising philosophy is to combine leadership with students as they navigate their way through academic and personal barriers. She is a strong advocate for equality in education and committed to doing everything she can to increase student achievement, graduation, and access to higher education.
Aimee Vaquera

Aimee Vaquera, Academic Advising Assistant

As an Academic Advising Assistant for the University Advisement Center, Aimee adheres to all of CSUDH’s diverse students’ needs. With an educational and professional background in criminal justice administration, higher education, and the transfer process, Aimee is able to support students at a unique level. Within her role, she specializes in the Toro Undocumented Student population and keeps staff and faculty up-to-date with information that affects the undocumented student population and mixed-status families, along with serving the transfer and first-year program student cohorts within the University Advisement Center and across campus departments. Aimee is committed to student success and in taking a holistic approach in empowering students and supporting life-long learners that will obtain their degrees, apply them, give back to the community, and create future leaders.​

Autumn Cunningham, Academic Advisor

Like so many Toros, Autumn is a proud transfer student, having completed her B.A. in Sociology at CSUDH. It was her experience at CSUDH that inspired her to embark on the work that she loves so much: empowering students to aspire to greatness. She completed an M.A. in Guidance and Counseling at Loyola Marymount University. However, after several years of working in the Los Angeles Community College District, she returned to CSUDH to give back and instill in future generations what was instilled in her. Autumn’s philosophy and style of advising is an appreciative approach that leaves students with a level of autonomy and accountability that will permeate multiple aspects of their lives. She remains devoted to student advocacy and success. Autumn is excited to be a resource for CSUDH students in their journey toward academic and professional excellence. Go Toros!
Matt Lasmarias

Matt Lasmarias, Academic Advisor

Matt was born and raised in Echo Park, a small neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles, and a melting pot of cultural diversity. He earned his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Business Administration) with a minor in Economics from UC Riverside. He is currently pursuing his MBA with a concentration in Finance at Trident University. He has six years of experience in the field of higher education. A majority of his advising experience has been supporting undergraduate military and veteran student populations. Matt’s advising philosophy is that higher education opens doors to a sea of opportunity, and it is his duty to instill confidence in students so that they may be better equipped with the necessary skills to fulfill their academic and career goals.
Tanae Aubry

Tanae Aubry, Administrator Support Coordinator

Tanae earned her BA in Psychology in May 2017 from CSUDH. She currently serves as the Administrative Support Coordinator for the UAC. Tanae was incredibly involved on campus during her undergraduate years, working as a student assistant in the University’s Office of the President, serving as a Campus Liaison for the Millennium Momentum Foundation, and as a Lead Peer Academic Coach for the Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience Program. Tanae’s advising philosophy has always centered on student needs and development professionally, personally, and academically. In her current role, she ensures that the Advising Staff is well supported so that they may fully support every student who comes through the doors.

Samantha Lopez, Advisor

Victoria Fowler, Retention Specialist, CNBS

Magie Narez, Retention Specialist, COE & CAH

Salvador Valdez, Retention and Innovation Specialist

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