On The Move

CSUDH Offices are On the Move!

Due to continued campus expansion and modernization, several departments and offices that previously were housed in the Small College Complex, Welch Hall, and Academic Complexes have been moved. In order to promote convenience, connectedness, and accessibility, many student services were moved to University Library (third floor) to create the Student Success Hub, while others were moved to new spaces in Welch Hall or other on-campus venues.

In order to help students, faculty, and staff keep track and make sense of the changes, this page features information and maps for every office move.

To see a PDF map of the new Student Success Hub, click here.

The table below lists all of the offices that were moved, along with their old location and their new location. Click on a department's New Location to view a map showing where its new office can be found.

Offices Located in the Student Success Hub (University Library North, 3rd Floor)

DepartmentFormer LocationNew Location
Career CenterWelch Hall, Room 360Library, 3rd Floor
Educational PartnershipsSCC Building 7, Room 730Library, 3rd Floor
EOPWelch Hall, Room 350Library, 3rd Floor
ETE (Encounter to Excellence)SCC Building 11, Room 1102Library, 3rd Floor
Gear UpSCC Building 11Library, 3rd Floor
Innovation IncubatorWelch Hall, 1st FloorLibrary, 3rd Floor
MSA (Male Success Alliance)SCC Building 11, Room 1131Library, 3rd Floor
Writing StudioSCC Building 11, Room 1102Library, 3rd Floor
Toro Guardian ScholarsWelch Hall, Room 350Library, 3rd Floor
TRIOEast Academic Complex 300Library, 3rd Floor
Upward BoundSCC Building 11/Library NorthLibrary, 3rd Floor
Women's Resource CenterSCC Building 11, Room 148Library, 3rd Floor

Offices Now Located on University Library North, 4th Floor

DepartmentCurrent LocationNew Location
CISESCC Building 4Library, 4th Floor
Dymally InstituteSouth Academic Complex 2Library, 4th Floor
IDS/Labor Studies/PACESCC Building 1, Room 130Library, 4th Floor
JournalismField HouseLibrary, 3rd Floor
McNair ScholarsLibrary, 4th FloorLibrary, 4th Floor
PEGSLibrary, 3rd & 4th Floors

Library, 4th Floor

Offices Now Located in Welch Hall

DepartmentFormer LocationNew Location
FoundationSCC Building 2, Room 202Welch Hall, Room 360
PayrollWelch Hall, Room 478Welch Hall, Room 350
Post AwardSCC Building 2, Room 202Welch Hall, Room 478
Pre AwardWelch Hall, Room 445Welch Hall, Room 478
SLICESCC Building 3, Room 300Welch Hall, Room 105

Offices Now Located in the New Parking/ROTC Building

DepartmentCurrent LocationNew Location
ParkingSCC Building 2, Room 200New Parking/ROTC Building
(across from Tennis Courts)
ROTCSCC Building 13New Parking/ROTC Building
(across from Tennis Courts)

Additional Office Relocations

DepartmentFormer LocationNew Location
FabLab Welch Hall, Room 105Library North, 1st Floor
Passport OfficeSCC Building 1, Room 136ASouth Academic Complex 2
Liberal StudiesSCC Building 5SCC Building 14
Risk Management/EHSSCCFacilities Services
School Leadership ProgramSCC Building 10, Room 1003SCC Building 14