commercial music

Students receive weekly private lessons and participate in the Songwriter’s Workshop. Lessons will focus on song form and structure, lyric and melodic writing, and basic home recording techniques. Over the course of the semester songs from a variety of popular musical styles will be studied. Other topics include commercial jingle writing, video game sequences, and television or film soundtracks. Students will also be exposed to topics such as music publishing, copyright law, business plans, promotion, music production, and live performance.

Dr. Teodross “Teo” Avery (saxophone)
Julian Coryell (guitar and songwriting)
Kendra Vuk (voice)
Trevor Ware (electric and accoustic bass)
Hal Weary (music industry and piano)

Songwriter’s Workshop and Showcase
The Songwriter’s Workshop will provide vocalists and instrumentalists a chance to practice and develop live performance, rehearsal, and collaborative skills. The semester will culminate in the Songwriter’s Showcase where students will perform their work for the public.