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M.A. in English Literature
M.A. in English Literature, Rhetoric and Composition
M.A. in English TESL
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Dr. Debra Best for Literature  dbest@csudh.edu
Dr. Ed Zoerner for TESL  ezoerner@csudh.edu 

CONGRATULATIONS To Our Award Winners in the English Dept!!

14th Annual CSUDH Student Research Day Winners 2019

Humanities and Letters II
1st Place:  Jaedyn Baker, English
Unchecked Curiosity and “Masculine” Science: Foes of a Domestic Eden in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1831)
Faculty Mentor: Debra Best, English
Humanities and Letters II
2nd Place: Paula Sherrin, English
Effects of the “Uncanny” in Jordan Peele’s Get Out
Faculty Mentor: Helen Oesterheld, English

We are very proud that the Presidential Outstanding Student Award was awarded to an English graduate student 5 years in a row!

Melvianne Andersen (2018)
Livia Bongiovanni (2017)
Christine Walker (2016)
Melissa Williams (2015)
Amanda Reyes (2014)


"The English faculty at CSUDH set an example of conscientious scholarship, compassionate teaching, and collegiality that prepared me well for the rigors of a PhD program. Starting a doctoral program with my Master's degree from CSUDH also gave me the confidence to succeed in my research and also to apply for, and ultimately win, fellowships such as the Bancroft Library Study Award at UC Berkeley and as a finalist for the UC President's Postdoctoral Fellowship. Soon I will be starting a new position as an assistant professor of multi-ethnic literature at California State University, Sacramento. I can honestly say that the individual attention, genuine encouragement, and intellectual mentoring I received at CSUDH gave me the confidence to pursue and attain my dreams."

- Hellen Lee, May 1999

"My tenure as a student in the English Master's program at CSUDH was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The faculty really care - about their discipline and about their students - and the positive, nurturing atmosphere engendered in me the belief that my ideas were valuable, that I could make a difference, that I could become a teacher. The benefits of the program are not only material; while I have been working steadily in the community college system since receiving my degree, and realized my dream of publishing a novel, I continue to reap the intangible remards of mentorship, friendship and collegial support, and this has kept me going through the inevitable touch times."

- Alex S. Johnson, M.A. 2005

"I originally chose CSUDH because of evening classes and the convenient location. However, after graduation, what continues to stand out is the passion and professionalism of several marvelous professors. Their willingness to share their academic expertise inspired me to learn and grow both inside and outside of the classroom. I finished the program with greater confidence in my ability to write, new skills for teaching, and a broadened understanding of both history and theory. This has led to a transformation of my professional life. I have started teaching at the college level where I enjoy the opportunity to share what I learned with a variety of students in both Composition and Literature classes."

- Susan Garman, M.A. - 2006