Citizen Complaint Form

The Citizen Complaint Form should be used exclusively to report misconduct by sworn Police Officers of the CSUDH Police Department. All Citizen Complaint Forms shall be returned to the CSUDH Police Department at WH B100. Complaints shall be filed within thirty (30) calendar days of the occurrence.

Parking Ticket Dispute Forms

Administrative Review Form: Administrative Review is a process in which the issuing officer and his/her supervisor will review the citation. A determination is returned to the requesting party via mail.

Administrative Hearing Form: This form is to be used if the Administrative Review is denied and the cited party wants to continue to contest the ticket. The cited party will request an Administrative Hearing and post the parking penalty. The hearing officer will contact the requesting party and set up an appointment for the conference.

Citizen Commendation Form

If you notice a member of the CSUDH police going above and beyond the call of duty, consider completing a Citizen Commendation Form. It's a great way to show the officers that you appreciate their hard work and dedication!