School Leadership Program

Through rigorous, results-based and interrelated learning experiences, the School Leadership Program prepares school leaders to transform California schools, with particular emphasis on high-priority, underperforming urban schools struggling to recruit and retain qualified, dedicated teachers.

Program candidates have the option to pursue one of two programs that best meets their individual professional goals as well as experiences:

  • Available for educators with a valid California teaching credential and three years teaching experience, Tier I prepares candidates to complete a Preliminary Administrative Service Credential with an option to add on a Master of Arts in Education.
  • Available to candidates who have completed the Tier I Credential and have two years administrative experience, Tier II enables candidates to clear a Professional Administrative Services Credential while continuing to serve in an administrative capacity.

Other unique features of the School Leadership Program (SLP) include:

Diverse Graduates

Graduates of the Program reflect the diversity of the schools and student populations they lead. As part of this program, you'll benefit from the wide range of professional and personal experiences and background of fellow students in your cohort. Your own experiences are also recognized, valued and incorporated into your learning.

Diverse Preparation

Partnering with urban schools within greater Los Angeles, the School Leadership Program prepares future school leaders to work effectively in urban settings with culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Graduates emerge from the program with the knowledge, skills and experiences to interact and collaborate successfully with teachers, children and families from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Theory into Practice

Blending theory and practice, SLP courses include assignments and projects that incorporate actual classrooms and school sites. Through field experience in school districts and other community agencies, SLP candidates have a range of opportunities to build and demonstrate competencies required for (CCTC) standards.

Evolving Curriculum

By continually assessing and evaluating the needs of local urban schools, SLP courses and training remain relevant and connected to the current demands of school districts as well as the communities they serve. Candidates finish the program well prepared to anticipate and address emerging as well as existing challenges.

Professional Peer Support

As part of the SLP Program, candidates have the opportunity to join the Leadership Learning Community (LLC), a professional network comprised of students completing CSUDH's Urban School Leaders Program. Through the LLC, educators have access to professional development, conferences, ongoing seminars and a wide range of opportunities for leadership growth.

High Career Placement

The SLP Program enjoys a high placement rate for candidates currently serving as leaders in our schools. Our comprehensive career placement services include assistance with applications and interviews for graduates seeking their first leadership position; counseling, mentoring and coaching; consultations for new principals; networking opportunities; accessible faculty with administrative experience and career placement workshops.

To learn more about the School Leadership Program and other graduate programs in education, including how to apply and requirements, call (310) 243-3524.