Spanish (SPA)

Below is a list of courses in this subject and when each course is typically offered during the academic year by term.

SPA110Fall, Spring
SPA111Fall, Spring
SPA115Infrequently offered
SPA151Fall, Spring
SPA220Fall, Spring
SPA221Fall, Spring
SPA230Fall term only
SPA280Fall, Spring
SPA302Spring term only
SPA305Fall, Spring
SPA306Fall, Spring
SPA311Fall term only
SPA330Fall term only
SPA340Spring term only
SPA341Fall, Spring
SPA350Spring term only
SPA351Fall term only
SPA353Fall term only
SPA398SInfrequently offered
SPA400Fall, Spring
SPA414Spring term only
SPA430Fall term only
SPA435Fall, Spring, Summer
SPA440Spring term only
SPA450Fall term only
SPA453Fall term only
SPA454Spring term only
SPA456Fall, Spring
SPA461Spring term only
SPA490Spring term only
SPA494Fall, Spring
SPA495Infrequently offered
SPA498Infrequently offered
SPA594SInfrequently offered
SPA595Infrequently offered
SPA597SInfrequently offered
SPA599SInfrequently offered

PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.