Occupational Therapy (OTR)

Below is a list of courses in this subject and when each course is typically offered during the academic year by term.

OTR205Infrequently offered
OTR206Infrequently offered
OTR295Infrequently offered
OTR301AInfrequently offered
OTR314Infrequently offered
OTR317LInfrequently offered
OTR319AInfrequently offered
OTR320AInfrequently offered
OTR410Spring, Summer
OTR414Infrequently offered
OTR422AInfrequently offered
OTR424AInfrequently offered
OTR430SInfrequently offered
OTR432SInfrequently offered
OTR480SFall, Spring, Summer
OTR482SFall, Spring, Summer
OTR495Offered as needed
OTR500Spring term only
OTR502Spring term only
OTR504Spring term only
OTR506Spring term only
OTR508Spring term only
OTR510Spring term only
OTR512Spring term only
OTR515Summer term only
OTR517LSummer term only
OTR519Summer term only
OTR521Summer term only
OTR523Summer term only
OTR525Summer term only
OTR527Summer term only
OTR529Summer term only
OTR530Summer term only
OTR535Fall term only
OTR537LFall term only
OTR539Fall term only
OTR541Fall term only
OTR543Fall term only
OTR545Spring term only
OTR547Fall term only
OTR550Fall term only
OTR552Fall term only
OTR553Spring term only
OTR554Summer term only
OTR555Spring term only
OTR557Spring term only
OTR559Spring term only
OTR561Spring term only
OTR563Spring term only
OTR567Summer term only
OTR569ASummer term only
OTR571Spring term only
OTR575Summer term only
OTR577LSummer term only
OTR579Summer term only
OTR581Summer term only
OTR583Summer term only
OTR591Fall, Spring, Summer
OTR592Fall, Spring, Summer
OTR593Fall, Spring, Summer
OTR595Offered as needed
OTR596Fall, Spring, Summer
OTR600Fall, Spring, Summer


PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.