Marital And Family Therapy (MFT)

Below is a list of courses in this subject and when each course is typically offered during the academic year by term.

MFT500Fall term only
MFT510Fall, Spring, Summer
MFT511Fall, Spring, Summer
MFT520Fall, Spring, Summer
MFT521Fall, Spring, Summer
MFT530Fall, Spring, Summer
MFT531Fall, Spring, Summer
MFT540Fall, Spring, Summer
MFT541Fall, Spring, Summer
MFT560Fall, Spring
MFT565Infrequently offered
MFT566Fall, Spring
MFT570Fall term only
MFT572Spring term only
MFT574Fall term only
MFT575Fall term only
MFT576Spring term only
MFT578Spring term only
MFT580Fall, Spring
MFT582Fall, Spring
MFT584Fall, Spring
MFT585Infrequently offered
MFT586Fall, Summer
MFT588Spring term only
MFT594Offered as needed
MFT595Offered as needed
MFT596Fall, Spring
MFT597Offered as needed
MFT599Fall, Spring
MFT600Fall, Spring


PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.