Pupil Personnel Services (PPS)

Below is a list of courses in this subject and when each course is typically offered during the academic year by term.

PPS505Fall term only
PPS508Fall term only
PPS512Fall term only
PPS515Fall, Spring
PPS520Spring term only
PPS525Fall, Spring
PPS530Fall, Spring
PPS535Spring term only
PPS536Fall, Spring
PPS537Fall, Spring
PPS538Fall, Spring
PPS540Fall, Spring
PPS545Fall, Spring
PPS550Fall, Spring
PPS554Fall, Spring
PPS555Fall, Spring
PPS556Fall term only
PPS557Fall, Spring
PPS558Fall, Spring
PPS559Infrequently Offered
PPS560Fall, Spring
PPS562Fall term only
PPS564Spring term only
PPS566Spring term only
PPS571Fall term only
PPS572Fall term only
PPS573Infrequently offered
PPS575Fall, Spring
PPS576Infrequently Offered
PPS577Infrequently Offered
PPS578Infrequently Offered
PPS585Fall, Spring


PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.