Computer Science (CSC)

Below is a list of courses in this subject and when each course is typically offered during the academic year by term.

CSC101Fall, Spring
CSC111Fall, Spring
CSC115Fall, Spring
CSC116Spring term only
CSC121Fall, Spring
CSC123Fall, Spring
CSC195Offered as needed
CSC221Spring term only
CSC251Fall term only
CSC255Fall, Spring
CSC295Offered as needed
CSC301Fall, Spring
CSC311Fall, Spring
CSC321Spring term only
CSC331Fall term only
CSC337Infrequently offered
CSC341Fall term only
CSC353Infrequently offered
CSC361Offered as needed
CSC395Offered as needed
CSC401Spring term only
CSC411Fall, Spring
CSC421Infrequently offered
CSC431Infrequently offered
CSC441Infrequently offered
CSC451Fall term only
CSC453Fall, Spring
CSC455Fall, Spring
CSC459Spring term only
CSC461Fall, Spring
CSC463Infrequently offered
CSC471Infrequently offered
CSC481Fall term only
CSC490Fall, Spring
CSC492Fall, Spring
CSC495Fall, Spring
CSC497Fall, Spring
CSC498Infrequently offered
CSC500Fall, Spring
CSC501Spring term only
CSC511Fall, Spring
CSC521Fall, Spring
CSC531Fall, Spring
CSC541Fall term only
CSC546Fall, Spring
CSC551Fall term only
CSC552Infrequently offered
CSC553Fall, Spring
CSC555Spring term only
CSC561Spring term only
CSC564Infrequently offered
CSC565Infrequently offered
CSC581Fall term only
CSC582Fall, Spring
CSC583Fall, Spring
CSC584Fall, Spring
CSC585Infrequently offered
CSC590Infrequently offered
CSC594Infrequently offered
CSC595Infrequently offered
CSC597Offered as needed
CSC599Infrequently offered
CSC600Infrequently offered


PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.