Biology (BIO)

Below is a list of courses in this subject and when each course is typically offered during the academic year by term.

BIO102Fall, Spring
BIO103Fall, Spring
BIO120Fall, Spring
BIO121Fall, Spring
BIO122Fall, Spring
BIO123Fall, Spring
BIO124Fall, Spring
BIO125Fall, Spring
BIO190Fall term only
BIO195Offered as needed
BIO220Fall, Spring
BIO221Fall, Spring
BIO250Fall, Spring
BIO251Fall, Spring
BIO254Fall term only
BIO310Spring term only
BIO311Spring term only
BIO312Fall term only
BIO313Fall term only
BIO314Fall term only
BIO315Fall term only
BIO320Fall, Spring
BIO324Fall term only
BIO325Fall term only
BIO326Fall term only
BIO327Fall term only
BIO330Fall term only
BIO331Fall term only
BIO332Spring term only
BIO333Spring term only
BIO336Spring term only
BIO340Fall, Spring
BIO342Fall, Spring
BIO346Fall term only
BIO360Fall term only
BIO361Fall term only
BIO370Spring term only
BIO374Fall term only
BIO380Fall, Spring, Summer
BIO386Fall term only
BIO394Fall, Spring
BIO395Offered as needed
BIO412Infrequently offered
BIO416Fall term only
BIO419Spring term only
BIO420Spring term only
BIO421Fall term only
BIO422Spring term only
BIO423Infrequently offered
BIO424Spring term only
BIO425Spring term only
BIO426Fall term only
BIO427Infrequently offered
BIO428Fall term only
BIO430Offered as needed
BIO435Spring term only
BIO436Fall term only
BIO440Spring term only
BIO442Spring term only
BIO452Spring term only
BIO453Spring term only
BIO458Fall term only
BIO459Fall term only
BIO483Spring term only
BIO490Fall, Spring
BIO491Fall, Spring
BIO495Offered as needed
BIO496Offered as needed
BIO498Offered as needed
BIO501Spring term only
BIO502Fall, Spring
BIO503Fall term only
BIO510Spring term only
BIO520Spring term only
BIO522Offered as needed
BIO523Infrequently offered
BIO590Fall, Spring
BIO595Offered as needed
BIO597Fall, Spring
BIO598Fall, Spring
BIO599Fall, Spring
BIO600Fall, Spring

PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to change. For questions regarding the course offerings, please contact the appropriate department or program.