CEIE Event Calendar

All information sessions are FREE!
Some events require registration to attend (these events are indicated with a registration number). Call 310-243-3741 to register.

If you have questions about programs or events, please call 310-243-2075 or email learn@csudh.edu. Program information, including schedules, costs, and course descriptions, can be found on each program's Web site. An A-Z index of all programs is here.

Date(s)Event or Info Session TitleProgramReg Code
09/10/19Study Abroad Information SessionStudy Abroad
09/12/19Financing Study Abroad WorkshopStudy Abroad
09/19/19Study Abroad FairStudy Abroad
09/29/19Cal/OSHA Quarterly UpdateOSHA Programs
10/09/19Study Abroad Information SessionStudy Abroad
10/29/19Winter Session 2020 Registration BeginsWinter Session
11/7/19Study Abroad Information SessionStudy Abroad
11/11/19Veteran's Day, CSUDH Closed
11/28/19 - 12/01/19Thanksgiving Holiday, CSUDH Closed
12/02/19Spring Intersession 2020 Registration BeginsSpring Intersession
12/03/19Study Abroad Information SessionStudy Abroad
12/20/19Winter Session 2020 BeginsWinter Session
12/25/19 - 01/01/20Winter Holidays, CSUDH Closed
01/02/20Winter Session II BeginsWinter Session
01/11/20Community College Teaching Certificate Information SessionCommunity College Teaching Certificate
01/14/20Human Resource Management Programs Information SessionHuman Resource Management Programs
01/20/20Martin Luther King Day, CSUDH Closed
01/21/20Spring Open University Classes and Registration BeginOpen University
01/25/20Global Logistics Certificate Information SessionGlobal Logistics Certificate
01/25/20Project Management Programs Information SessionProject Management Programs
01/25/20Social Media Strategies & Content Marketing Certificate Information SessionSocial Media Strategies & Content Marketing
02/01/20Human Resource Management Programs Information Session at Beach CitiesHuman Resource Management Programs
02/20/20Project Management Programs Information SessionProject Management Programs
03/16/20Summer Session Registration BeginsSummer Session
03/24/20Project Management Programs Information Session at Beach CitiesProject Management Programs
03/31/20Cesar Chavez Day, CSUDH Closed
05/21/20Spring Intersession BeginsSpring Intersession
05/25/20Memorial Day, CSUDH Closed
05/26/20Summer Session I and Regular Summer Session BeginSummer Session
07/03/20Independence Day, CSUDH Closed
07/06/20Summer Session II BeginsSummer Session