Financing Study Abroad

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Financing Study Abroad

The study abroad office believes in providing all CSUDH students an opportunity to participate in an international education experience. We are committed to assisting students in finding the necessary study abroad financial information.

Key Things to Know

If you plan on studying through the CSUIP yearlong program:

  • The tuition cost remains the same.
  • Federal Financial Aid can be applied to your study abroad costs!
  • Scholarships and grants are available to help cover the cost.
  • Some study abroad program costs are actually equal to or less than the cost of attending DH.

Regardless of where you choose to study next year (in California or abroad), certain costs will remain the same, including your Dominguez Hills tuition fees. In other words, you will pay the same amount of tuition that you pay at Dominguez Hills if you choose to study abroad through our CSU International Program!

Federal Financial Aid can be applied to your study abroad costs! You may be eligible for additional aid and loans if the costs of your study abroad option are higher than the costs of staying at Dominguez Hills. The Financial Aid page on the Dominguez Hills website can provide answers to your general financial aid questions.

As you begin to decide where you want to study abroad please keep in mind that the cost in addition to Dominguez Hills tuition will depend on many variables - the country you choose to live in, cost of living, inflation, the exchange rate, the length of the academic program, and your own spending habits.

Find out how to plan for Study Abroad costs