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Intensive English Program (IEP)

American Language and Culture ProgramIEP offers an eight-week Intensive English Program six times a year in exciting Los Angeles for ESL students with academic or professional goals, including passing the TOEFL for entrance into an American university. The 21-26 hours per week IEP offers a coordinated program of conversation, grammar, writing, reading/vocabulary, pronunciation and listening. Students from all over the world enroll in this multi-level program and can continue to improve their skills by advancing from session to session. Qualified students from outside the U.S. are eligible for a student visa. Individual courses may also be taken by part-time students. A Certificate of Achievement is awarded after successful completion of at least one eight-week session.

Daily Class Schedule


Course Descriptions


Speaking & Listening Class (9am -11am)
These classes offer extensive individual student practice in speaking and listening. Students learn to use authentic language in situations related to work, school, leisure and social life. They are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas in classroom situations which make extensive use of pair work, small group discussions, and information-sharing activities. These face-to-face discussions simulate real-life social interactions, encouraging the use of eye contact, exclamations, questions, accurate intonation and emotional tone.

Elective (11am - 12pm)
(vary session to session)Pronunciation, TOEFL Preparation, Vocabulary, American Idioms, Language Through Media, American Culture

Writing Class (1pm -3pm)
These classes emphasize the process of writing strategies from basic sentences through research papers. Each class teaches organizational patterns such as generalizing, describing, defining, and expressing cause and effect. In order to gather data for their writing assignments, students share their ideas, opinions, and suggestions in pairs, small groups and whole-class discussions. These brainstorming activities lead to teacher and peer analysis of student essays where the focus is on topic sentences, supporting facts, discourse markers, and concluding sentences.


Grammar Class (9am -11am)
These classes present important grammatical structures in written and spoken language. In-class grammar exercises, homework and tests are given in each level to help students increase their mastery over the grammar skills learned in class.

Elective (11am - 12pm)
(vary session to session)Pronunciation, TOEFL Preparation, Vocabulary, American Idioms, Language Through Media, American Culture

Reading/Vocabulary Class (1pm -3pm)
These classes help students increase their vocabulary within the context of meaningful, high-interest readings. Students learn the skills needed to analyze meanings of unfamiliar words and then incorporate them into active everyday use. Reading assignments focus on an integrated approach that uses a variety of topics, genres, moods, and styles. Students read a variety of interesting subjects and examine them through paired discussions, small group work and whole-class activities.

Tutoring (3pm – 4pm)
ALCP students may sign up for additional no-cost one on one tutoring. This time may be allotted to those students who are most in need of assistance at the faculty’s discretion.

  • LA Galaxy Soccer, Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers Basketball, Los Angeles Dodgers and Anaheim Angels Baseball
  • Amusement Parks (Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, Seaworld, etc.)
  • Ice Skating, Local Mountain Snow Skiing, Famous Pacific Beaches, San Juan Capistrano Mission, Television Tapings
  • Seasonal, Graduation and Monthly Birthday Parties, Barbeques, Local Restaurants
  • Getty Museum, Aquarium of the Pacific, Movies, IMAX Theatre, San Diego and Los Angeles Zoos
  • And more!

(Dates, times and availability vary session to session)


TermOrientation & TestingSession Class DatesCost per session

January 2January 3 — February 22$2,600
February 25 & 26February 27 — April 19$2,600
 April 29 & 30May 1 — June 21$2,600
 June 24 & 25June 26  August 16$2,600
 August 19 & 20August 21 — October 11$2,600
 October 14 & 15October 16 — December 6$2,600

January 6 & 7January 8 — February 28$2,600
March 2 & 3March 4 — April 24$2,600
 May 4 &5May 6 — June 26$2,600
 June 29 & 30July 1  August 21$2,600
 August 24 & 25August 26 — October 16$2,600
 October 19 & 20October 21 — December 11$2,600

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