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⚠ Our CCPE Registration Office (Building EE-1100 only) will be physically closed on Thursday, 2/2 from 5pm–8pm, and Saturday, 2/4 from 8am–1:30pm; however, we will be open VIA PHONE (310.243.3741 Option 1) and EMAIL ( during those times on both days. Thank you for connecting with us!


Registration, Information & Customer Service


    Phone: 310.243.3741
    Fax: 310.928.7322

Zoraya Gudelman
Director, Enrollment Management
Registration & Student Services
Jackie McKenzie
Dionne R. Williams
Registration Associate (Night/Weekend)
Daniel Molio'o
Registration Associate
Christina Baltazar
Sr. Accounting Technician
Teresa Stevens
Collections Associate
Elizabeth Rojas-Arcos
Collections - Student Services
Michelle Ortega-Bacalso
WIOA & Military Advisor
Leakena Jordin
Certificates & Credentials Coordinator
Gayle Heifetz
Administrative Analyst Specialist
Gabrielle McKeney
Administrative Analyst Specialist
Diana Ulloa
Administrative Analyst Specialist

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Non-Degree Programs

    Phone: 310.243.2781 |  Fax: 310.928.7312

Special Sessions (Winter, Spring, Summer and Open University)
Elena Christova, Ph.D
Director, Special Sessions
Shirley Jones
Specials Sessions Coordinator;
Community College Teaching Certificate Coordinator
Extension Programs
Elisabeth Legge
Director, Extension Programs
Connie Pimentel
Extension Programs Associate
OSHA Training Institute Education Center
Raul Guzman
Director, OSHA Training Institute Education Center
Katty Rojas
Program Coordinator
Jazzel de Anda
Curriculum Coordinator
Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)
Fawn Supernaw
Program Coordinator
OLLI Program
Customized Training
Michael Casner
Director, Customized Training

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Degree Programs

Toro Reengagement Program
Sabrina Sanders, Ph.D
Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership Studies (OLS) Program
Jessica Peraza
OLS Admission/Academic Advisor
Master of Science in Cyber Security (MSCS) Program
 Location: NSM
Mohsen Beheshti, Ph.D
Chairperson, Professor, Computer Science Department
Karla Martinez
Student Support Coordinator
Master of Arts in the Humanities Online (HUX) Program
Matthew Luckett, Ph.D
HUX Program Coordinator
Master of Arts in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding (NCRP) Program
Brian Jarrett, Ph.D
Program Coordinator
Cathi Ryan
Academic Advisor
Administrative Support
Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program
 Location: SBS
Betty Vu, Ph.D
Assistant Dean, CBAPP Graduate and Professional Programs
Academic Advisor
Juliamin Kawibowo
IT Support
Master of Science in Quality Assurance Programs
(MSQA, BSQA, Lean Six Sigma, Quality Certificates, Certifications, & Workshops)
Lynda Wilson, Ph.D
Associate Dean, CEIE
Karla Martinez
Student Support Coordinator
Master of Science in Radiologic & Imaging Sciences (MSRIS) Programs
Elwin Tilson, Ph.D
Program Coordinator
Master of Social Work (MSW) Program
 Location: WH
Camille Henderson, Ph.D
Full-time Lecturer,
Admissions and EE Coordinator
Master of Science in Systems Engineering (MSSE) Program
Antonia Boadi, Ph.D
Chairperson, Professor

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    Phone: 310.243.3069
     Fax: 310.928.7261

Keith Otterberg
Anissa Barton-Thompson
Social Media Specialist,
Web Developer
Stephanie Beuyukian
Marketing Specialist
Webmaster/General Requests

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Dean's Office


    Phone: 310.243.3737
     Fax: 310.928.7147

J. Kim McNutt
Lynda Wilson, Ph.D
Associate Dean 
Ed Cleek
Budget Director
Deidre Fisher
Payroll Technician
Arvin Lambinicio
Multimedia Specialist/Facilities
Mari Cortez

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