Departments and Programs

The College of Arts and Humanities offers a variety of majors, minors and other programs. The humanities and arts are an essential component of the University’s mission to offer programs that enable students to be well-educated citizens and members of their professions and communities. They do this by engaging students in the contributions of thinkers and artists from all cultures and eras, so that they may know the civilization of which they are the heirs; by offering students opportunities to join the cultural conversation by making their own contributions to it, through media ranging from film to poetry to critical studies; by enabling students to become more effective communicators in a range of media, with writing and speech at the forefront, and to strengthen their critical reasoning abilities through their rigorous exercise.

Take a scroll down this "academic" lane and peruse the variety of departments and programs that make up the Arts and Humanities.

Communications Department

English Department

History Department

Humanities Program

Interdisciplinary Studies/PACE Department

Labor Studies Department

Modern Languages Department

Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding Program

Philosophy Department

Division of Performing, Visual and Digital Media Arts:

Art and Design Department

Art Gallery

Digital Media Arts Department

Music Department

Theater and Dance Department

Dance Option

Theatre Arts Option

Division of World Cultural and Gender Studies:

Africana Studies Department

Asian Pacific Studies Program

Chicana/Chicano Studies Department

Women's Studies Program

If you need assistance, we encourage you to contact the Student Success Center for the Arts and Humanities office. The Student Success Center is located at La Corte Hall C-316 (LCH C-316) and can be reach via telephone: (310) 243-3264.  The office is open Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. Walk-in appointments are sometimes available but never guaranteed. We encourage you to call or email for an appointment.