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California State University, Dominguez Hills is a catalyst for transformation in the lives of our students and we are committed to your academic and career success.

Your success continues with us at
Dominguez Hills

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The university assigns a high priority to a student’s first year of college because the first year establishes an essential foundation for a successful educational experience. The Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience supports every first-year freshmen student as they make CSUDH their home and strives to build a community of engaged student learners who value academic excellence, and intellectual and personal development.

First-Year of an exciting educational journey.

#DHFYE will set the foundation for a collegiate experience full of academic opportunity and personal growth. The program helps students find their place at CSUDH, develop academic, self-management, and critical thinking skills; engage in career planning and major/career exploration; and experience diversity, inclusion, and a global perspective.

#DHFYE participant benefits include:

  • Freshmen are eligible for our summer grant to cover course(s)!
  • 1:25 faculty/student ratio
  • Free laptop checkout while supplies last!!
  • Toro Peer Coaching/Mentor
  • No-cost supplemental instruction
  • Proactive freshmen advising
  • Summer workshops

High-Impact student experience.
A summer program to ensure success!

The university has developed a high-impact summer program focused on helping first-time freshmen adjust to university life while fulfilling course requirements and receiving supplemental instruction to ensure early academic success in key courses.

Getting started has become even more affordable. All first-time freshmen have the opportunity to accelerate their time to graduation by taking a summer course! Available are grants to cover summer courses for all new freshmen in the amount of $546, $825, or $1,092!

Participation in Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience has significant positive effects on students’ successful transition to college and continued academic success!

Strengthen Math & Writing Skills

Strengthen your math and/or writing skills to better prepare you for college-level courses.

First-year Undergraduate STEM Experience (FUSE)

The First-year Undergraduate STEM Experience is designed for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) majors. Students in the program have the opportunity to attend the Calculus Success Academy where they can place directly into Calculus through a placement test at the end of the program. Dedicated course sections in fall and spring for FUSE students have additional course support designed especially for first-year students. To find out more information and sign up visit: www.csudh.edu/fuse. If you have additional questions, contact Sheila Wood at swood@csudh.edu.

MAT 195- Calculus Success Academy

The class is a 1-unit short course where students will focus on problem solving, team building and the review of critical skills for Calculus. Successful completion of the Calculus Success Academy and Calculus Placement Test will exempt students from taking MAT153, Pre-Calculus, the prerequisite for Calculus at CSUDH. Students will also be able to get to know other STEM students and faculty before the semester begins, review critical Algebra skills and brush up on their problem solving skills.

General Education (GE) courses

Be one step ahead of your classmates this fall by taking a General Education (GE) course in Chicana/o Studies, History, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Theatre Arts, Women's Studies, or University 101 during the summer.

Be a part of the Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience (#DHFYE)

Accelerate your degree!

Complete your accelerated summer course in one session: June 3, 2018 through August 2, 2019! Advisors will be available to guide and support you during orientation. If you are attending Summer Bridge, contact Mayra Soriano for the Encounter to Excellence Program at (310) 243-2213 or Sean James for the Educational Opportunity Program at (310) 243-2134. For students in the Accelerate Program, contact Loren Edwards at (310) 243-3366.

Dedicated faculty provide a supportive environment for students to succeed and thrive.

Experts in their fields, our accomplished faculty serve as mentors and collaborators dedicated to the success of their students. And with our excellent 1:25 faculty to student ratio, you’ll have direct access to their expertise and guidance.

Stay Connected with the Laptop Checkout Program

Upon registration for summer courses, all Dominguez Hills First-Year Experience participants will be able to check out a laptop for the entire summer! CSUDH has a campus-wide wireless environment, making it easy to stay connected to faculty, classmates and course resources.

Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is the single most well documented intervention available for improving academic performance. Supplemental instructors attend classes, model appropriate classroom behaviors and study skills, and provide individualized support and group workshops outside of class. Freshmen will meet in small groups to discuss course content with the guidance of their Supplemental Instructor, which help to improve their understanding of course content.

Toro Peer Coaching/Mentor – a great way to make new friends and connect to campus life!

CSUDH has developed a high-impact summer program focused on helping first-time freshmen acclimate to university life to connect them with their knowledgeable, highly trained peers/mentors. Guidance and support from a Toro Peer Coach/Mentor will greatly help first-year freshmen meet academic goals in an atmosphere of diversity and creativity. Each Toro Peer Coach/Mentor has experience with life at Dominguez Hills and by taking advantage of our student support services, are on the path to a successful future. During each meeting you have with your Toro Peer Coach/Mentor, you can ask questions on how to reach your goals and successfully progress toward your degree.

You're ready to learn. Now get ready to succeed.

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Proactive advising and workshops keep students on track toward graduation!

Every first-year freshmen will start off with two summer advising appointments. Freshmen will be connected to essential campus resources and will be offered interactive workshops. For continued academic success, each freshman will have additional advising appointments during the academic year – one in the fall and one in the spring semester. Advisors incorporate active learning opportunities that help students identify their life goals and make meaning of course content and its application to real life, and provide feedback and guidance to students selecting courses to optimize their time to degree completion.

Summer Workshops

#DHFYE participants will be connected to essential campus resources and offered interactive workshops that are designed to assist in the transition from high school to the university.  The workshops will be held each week during the summer and periodically during the fall and spring semesters. Topics will include:

  • Identity Development/Social Justice
  • Liberal Education Model
  • Student Life, Campus Leadership and Resources
  • Time Management, Study Skills and Learning Styles
  • Social Media, Technology, Personal Branding
  • Information Literacy
  • Career/Major Exploration
  • Financial Literacy
  • Growth Mindset/Belonging
  • Health and Wellness/Balance

#DHFYE Seminars during the fall and spring semesters

Our #DHFYE Seminars will deeply enrich and connect our freshmen to core ideas in new disciplines with a passionate and caring doctoral trained professor. Offered during the fall and spring semesters, the seminars cover a wide variety of fascinating topics. Professors will discuss, debate and engage with freshmen students in smaller, more intimate classes, conversations and hands-on activities to explore and discuss topics of mutual interest. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to hone their critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills. The #DHFYE Seminars promote meaningful peer-to-peer interactions and close faculty-to-student mentorship.