Alumni Scholarship Recipients

Alumni Scholarships - Previous Recipients

Chinamerem Isika2017 Undergraduate Alumni Scholarship
Chinamerem Isika

“Because of the Alumni Scholarship, I can now take more units and take care of my other basic needs. I am really grateful to the alumni of CSUDH who awarded and encouraged me with this awesome gift.”

Angelica Rivera2017 Graduate Alumni Scholarship
Angelica Rivera
Psychology, Clinical Track

Winning the Alumni Scholarship signifies that I am entirely capable of achieving my greatest goals. It is a testament that dedication to education can offer a path full of opportunities to thrive and continuously advance.”

Asia Watkins2016 Undergraduate Alumni Scholarship
Asia Watkins
Human Services

I am thankful to have been chosen to receive the Alumni Scholarship. I am proud to see my hard work and community involvement being recognized and I will continue to do amazing things on and off of the campus of Dominguez Hills. I hope to inspire many generations in the future to act with purpose and dedication."

Aaron Street2016 Graduate Alumni Scholarship
Aaron Street

Being able to pursue one's dream is a rare opportunity that few get to see. Walking the path to achieving that dream is even more limited. This scholarship will allow me to continue to my journey so that I may help others to walk their path."