CSUDH Alumni Relations: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be a member of the Alumni Association?

Lifetime membership is free – just make sure to keep your contact info up-to-date.

I had a ToroMail email account while attending CSUDH. Can I maintain access as a member of the Alumni Association?

Yes! Alumni Association members get full, unrestricted access to their ToroMail accounts. Once you join, simply reset your password and you’re all set! Members can reset their passwords at https://dhnet.csudh.edu.

Do members of the Alumni Association get free parking at CSUDH?

No. Parking passes must be purchased at parking kiosks or the Cashier’s Office.

Where is the CSUDH Alumni Relations office located?

We’re in Welch Hall, 4th floor, Room WH C-490.

Are student transcripts available to Alumni Association members?

The Alumni Relations office does not print or distribute transcripts. Transcripts can only be ordered online. They can be picked up at the CSUDH Admissions & Records office, located in Welch Hall, Room C-290.

When will I receive my Alumni membership card?

Once you submit your request to join the Alumni Association, your membership card should arrive in the mall within 7-10 business days. Membership cards cannot be scanned, faxed, or sent by email.

Does my Alumni membership entitle me to auto insurance discounts?

Yes! Participating companies offer discounts to verified Alumni Association members. Show your membership card or letter to your insurance agent to receive your discount. For privacy purposes, the Alumni Relations office is unable to verify membership directly with agents by phone or email.

What other benefits are available to Alumni Association members?

Alumni Association members get free access to CSUDH home sporting events, all 23 CSU campus libraries (restrictions apply), Career Center job fairs, and other services. For the full benefits list, click here.

Who can join the Alumni Association?

Alumni who have received a degree or credential from CSUDH.

What’s the best way to support the CSUDH Alumni Association?

The best way to support the Alumni Association and its programs is to make a tax-deductible donation to the Toro Fund.

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